8 Villains For Man of Steel 2

With just under a month to go before the release of Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated “Man of Steel”, starring Henry…

Kyle Murphy



With just under a month to go before the release of Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated “Man of Steel”, starring Henry Cavill as the possibly not-so-mild-mannered metropolitan newspaper reporter, Clark Kent, as well as the dual role of doing the honor of donning the red cape and boots (minus the briefs) as the last son of El, who may or may not be known as “Superman”, the wait is almost over. The marketing campaign for WB’s Man of Steel has been a slow build, incrementally showcasing the themes and plot of the film, bit by bit, from the low-profile teaser attached to The Dark Knight Rises last summer, to the long-awaited full trailer unveiled nearly half-of-a-year later, to the flurry of TV spots blitzing the airwaves with weeks to go, this is all bringing fanboy hopes up a steep incline for what looks to be a complete nerdgastic release once the film drops and what has been described by the lucky few who have caught advanced screenings as unparalleled spectacle and never-before-seen movie action is finally unveiled to what will undoubtedly be many anxious and bespectacled eyeballs.

“A hero is only as good as their villain”, is a chief tenet some of the literary greats have espoused when composing an epic tale of good versus evil. Batman has the menacing Joker, Spidey slings with the dastardly Green Goblin, and Wonder Woman whips her lasso at the ferocious Cheetah, all great heroes, but made even better by their chief antagonists. Batman’s code and rules are thrown into chaos when the Joker hatches a scheme, Spider-Man is torn personally and threatened physically with his BFF’s daddy’s emerald alter-ego, and Princess Diana is confronted by a nemesis of equal power with none of her morality in the jungle feline. But then there is the “granddaddy of all superheroes”, the first among many, the “big blue boy scout” and paragon of virtue, Superman. But, if Superman is the living embodiment of all that is good, then it follows to ask, who of Superman’s foes is his chief rival, his archenemy, a being of pure evil?

Well, with the impending release of Man of Steel on June 14, or June 13 if you trotted into your local Wal-Mart, we all know Michael Shannon’s General Zod will be Superman’s main enemy in this film, providing Superman with a villain closely tied to his origin, as well as giving Superman the opportunity (finally!) to throw a Super-punch. But, if this movie is a success, and looking at the recent mixed big of results in the genre with the wild success of Iron Man 3 and the somewhat underperforming Star Trek Into Darkness, it is perhaps not as sure a bet (what is?) as some may have thought that Man of Steel would be the blockbuster it needs to be (for future sequels and the groundwork for a DC Movie Universe), then it is never too early to shake our magic 8-balls to gander up a guess as to just who Snyder and co. have in mind to take on the (maybe not) “Last Son of Krypton” should MoS be a raving success.

So, without further adieu, I present, in no particular order, the “Top 8 Possible Villains for a Man of Steel Sequel”.