9 Actresses Who Are Only Remembered For A Single Nude Scene

6. The Masked Ball - Julienne Davis - Eyes Wide Shut

Another Stanley Kubrick film, another actress famous for just one nude scene. This time it's the lovely Julienne Davis, who has appeared in very little else over the course of her career as an actress, but plays a crucial role in Stanley Kubrick's vastly underrated sex drama, which also stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. As Mandy, she acts as a friendly guide who tries to lead Cruise's troubled Dr. Bill Hartford out of danger during the infamous masked ball sequence. Said sequence - creepy as heck - features dozens and dozens of naked woman scattered about a large country manor, though Davis is by far the most prominently featured. Davis spends almost all of her screen-time in Eyes Wide Shut (across the span of one lengthy scene) either wearing a thong or nothing at all. Despite the fact that she can be seen wearing a mask in this particular scene, the reason as to why Kubrick picked her to star in his film couldn't be more obvious: she's absolutely stunning. Despite a lack of acting credits, Davis' iconic part in Eyes Wide Shut will ensure that she's still remembered in years to come.

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