9 Actresses Who Are Only Remembered For A Single Nude Scene

5. The Girl's Locker Room - Kaki Hunter - Porky's

Porky's, something of a precursor to the American Pie flicks, is not a particularly great movie. In fact, it has dated horribly and the jokes aren't very funny at all. That said, Porky's does contain one of the most famous nude scenes in the history of cinema - one that has rendered its most prominently featured actress as something of a minor icon for her involvement. That's to say, actress Kaki Hunter featured in a bunch of Porky's movies and nothing much else in the aftermath, which means that nowadays she's associated with them - and the act of getting naked - and that's about it, really. The scene in question involves a bunch of horny high school guys looking through a peep hole and into the girls' locker room as they shower (classic fantasy, that). Hunter retired from acting not long after she'd finished with Porky's and her character, Wendy Williams, which means that - to this day - she's best known as "the most prominently featured girl in the Porky's shower scene." How's that for a legacy?

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