adam sandler reign over me

Any movie fan worth their salt can usually tell going in which actor will put on a good performance. It may sound like a slight over-exaggeration, but we’re experienced enough to know what we’re going to get – Daniel Day-Lewis will chew scenery in ridiculous ways, Samuel L. Jackson will be reliably awesome and Rob Schneider will be terrible… just terrible. Some things are as constant as the Northern Star, and experienced Hollywood-watchers will be able to spot the filmic turkeys way before they hit the big screen.

However, a movie does occasionally surprise even the most jaded film-watcher, as an actor we would have expected nothing from – or sometimes, even less – gazumps with a tour de force. Whether they’re known for terrible films, they’re stepping into the shoes of a cursed character or we simply know nothing about them, sometimes actors can turn the tables in the most spectacular of ways.

This honestly happens more than you might think so I thought it might be time to catalogue of a few of these unexpected scene-stealers, so without further ado, let’s get down to it. Be aware, a mild SPOILER WARNING is in effect. You have been warned.

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2013