9 Implications Of Disney Potentially Buying Fox

New MCU meat, and the end for The Simpsons?


A deal that would shake the entertainment industry to its foundations may be in its early stages as Disney has reportedly held preliminary talks to buy 21st Century Fox.

With LucasFilm and Marvel already under its belt, the potential merger would add more of the biggest films and TV franchises to the House of Mouse's empire, from X-Men to Aliens, and give the company the opposition-smashing potential of the Hulk.

According to CNBC, which broke the news, Disney is hoping to acquire parts of Fox's movie and TV businesses and a portion of its media assets, but its news broadcasting division and sports arm will not be included in any deal that moves forward to avoid falling afoul of antitrust regulations.

Talks are believed to be inactive at present, but the mooted acquisition - which would need government approval due to its sheer scale - is said to have been up for preliminary discussion for several weeks.

Given the red tape the two parties would have to overcome, any agreement is likely to be a long time off, which leaves plenty of time to speculate about what a Disney acquisition of Fox could mean for some of the biggest movie and TV brands around.

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