9 Most Insane Things Happening In Movies & TV Right Now (Nov 30th)

Seth Rogen is literally about to play a 130-year-old pickle man.

Pickle Rogen

The actual news is genuinely bonkers. When it's not about the actual President of the USA Tweeting things you wouldn't expect of a triggered basement dwelling manchild, it's revealing that there's a giant cow called Knickers that is too big to eat. This is not a lie. Someone called a cow Knickers.

It's no wonder then that art has been imitating life to the tune of some seriously bonkers revelations in the worlds of Film and TV. Last week we had a Pope cameo, a nightmarish Shrek remake and wrestling silliness and that was nothing compared to the delights revealed in the last seven days.

Where else can you hear about a Mary Poppins sea monster, Seth Rogen playing a pickle and someone pooping themselves while doing a high-kick on stage? This is Insane Things. Literally.

9. Julie Andrews' Aquaman Cameo Revealed

mary poppins birds

It might have already screened to critics already - to their collective delight for the most part, it seems - but there's still new news coming out about James Wan's stand-alone Aquaman movie. Mere weeks ahead of its release, the film has had another megastar name added to its cast with the news that Julie Andrews - Mary Poppins herself - is playing a key character.

She's called Karathen and she holds the key to Aquaman realising his destiny of being the hero Atlantis needs and uniting the surface world with his underwater homeland.

That was all very mysterious since the only real hint about her character came from Wan, who said on Twitter that she would be playing "the most powerful creature on Earth." Now, that may have suggested to some that she was actually just playing Mary Poppins again, since she's pretty f*cking powerful to be honest (she can charm birds, has a massive handbag and makes medicine taste nice), but the reality is far better. And far more surprising.

Thanks to one of the critics who has seen the film - Terri Schwartz to be precise - Andrews is in fact voicing a giant bloody sea monster:

Quite apart from the refined image Andrews usually inspires, isn't it? Here's what she apparently looks like in the movie, for added WTF factor...

Aquaman Karathen
Warner Bros.


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