9 Most Outrageously Hilarious Horror Comedies of All Time

1.Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn

Evil Dead II stands as the greatest achievement in the horror comedy genre and rightfully tops our list. Sam Raimi's masterpiece mixes dread and zaniness in equal measures with dynamite results. A movie good enough to inspire a Broadway musical, Evil Dead II boasts many outrageously unforgettable moments including a decapitated body dancing in the moonlight and the protagonist of the film, Ash, jury rigging a chainsaw to replace a dismembered appendage. Beloved b-movie icon Bruce Campbell gives a hilarious turn as the continually vexed Ash. In a career defining performance Campbell follows in the grand tradition of physical comedy icons like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin with a showstopping scene that pits Ash against his own demonically possessed hand. Through facial expression and body language alone, Campbell completely sells the audience on the notion that Ash's hand is out to kill him with a vengeance. Campbell's stellar acting and Raimi's whiz-bang direction make Evil Dead II the best package to deliver laughs and chills to those who appreciate the many dramatic and comedic facets horror can offer. The tradition of horror comedy runs long and deep so please comment below and let me know what other hilariously outrageous or outrageously hilarious movies deserved to make the list. So there are 9 of the most outrageously hilarious horro-comedies (homedies?) you're ever likely to see. Anything we missed? Comments cost you nothing!
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