9 Most Sex Obsessed Film Directors

jamon jamon Some directors deal with thoughts and emotions to drive the story forward, some directors use drama or horror. There are a number of directors who like to use the sex act or sexual overtones to propel the film on. Albeit, some are more blatant in doing this than others. I have picked nine directors whose work has strong sexual overtones. Directors that are infamous for certain sexy films or sexy scenes. Some directors that are just pervy in everything they do. We all enjoy a bit of sex to liven things up and here we have sex as a political statement, sex as ribaldry and a part of natural life, sex as an instrument to kill, deprave and corrupt, sex as humour and sex as art. If you have any favourite pervy directors, please list them below!

9. Ken Russell

ken russell The late Lord Ken Russell (as I would deem him in my personal world of bestowing titles) did not make films about sex, but his films nevertheless feature a lot of sex and nudity. The first appearance of Russell's kinky side came out in Women in Love - a film which many people believe to be Russell's finest. There was a nude wrestling scene between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. The uncut version is fine, but the cut version makes it seem like they have been involved with sodomy - and hence became known as 'The Great Buggery scene' when it was in fact innocent horseplay. Russell's films after Women in Love were all adult themed. There is the depressing The Music Lovers - where Tchaikovsky won't have sex with his wife because he is secretly gay and finds her repulsive. She eventually goes to the madhouse. The film - The Devils - was an attack on clerical abuses. Sister Jeanne is madly in love with the priest Father Grandier. She fantasise him as Jesus, coming down from the cross to make love to her. When she finds out Grandier has married a woman, she goes insane and accuses Grandier of having sex with her and practising witchcraft. There is a public exorcism of Sister Jeanne and all the nuns go crazy - throwing off their clothes, fondling each other and desecrating a figure of Jesus - in what has been called 'The Rape of Christ' sequence. Ultimately Grandier is tortured and killed and Jeanne finally gets a hold of him. We see her masturbating with one of Grandier's charred bones. ken russell the deb Two more of Russell's films would mark him out as a man with a ribald streak. Crimes of Passion and Whore. Crimes of Passion featured Kathleen Turner who is an executive by day but a prostitute by night. She is stalked by weirdo religious nut Anthony Perkins (who is way too creepy in this role). We follow her sexual hijinks including sodomising a police man with his night stick. Whore follows Liz, a prostitute. She has been recently gang raped and her pimp gives her a lot of trouble. We find out how she got to where she is now. The film features a lot of brutal sexual violence and has been awarded an NC-17 certificate in America. Russell didn't make much of worth after Whore, but it is a nice little reminder that he indulged his inner pervert from time to time.
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