9 Movie Bloopers You Didn’t Spot In The Final Cut

The gaffes that remained.

The Weinstein Company

Whether it's actors breaking character to goof around or a stunt that hilariously backfires, everyone loves a good movie blooper, hence why studios usually include an entire reel of them among the DVD and Blu-ray extras.

Clangers have been dropped during virtually every film shoot ever undertaken, since so much can go wrong along the way. No matter how many table readings they hold beforehand, actors can still fluff their lines and all kinds of disasters beyond the crew's control can come into play.

If they're good for a few laughs, these gaffes are usually put to one side and saved for the home media release, but some filmmakers like to include them at the end of their movie, giving the punters extra incentive to stay behind for the end credits of a non-Marvel film. And on rare occasions, they're left in the final cut.

There are many reasons why stuff-up might end up in the theatrical release. Maybe the director didn't spot it, didn't have the funds to reshoot the scene, or in specific cases, it actually improves the film.

From genuine injuries that made performances extra convincing, to blunders filmmakers hoped you wouldn't spot, here are some of the bloopers that have wound up in the final cut.


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