9 Movie Scenes You Didn't Know Had A Guest Director

Two heads are better than one.


Directors are famously some of the most controlling, obsessive and detail-oriented people in Hollywood. With the exception of studio heads meddling in big pictures, they typically oversee the entire project from start to finish; this counts double if they’re writing too.

However, sometimes they let the reins loose a little and hand over responsibility to someone else. Either because they want to emulate another director’s style, are looking to collaborate or to suit a specific story purpose, they’ll hand over to a special guest director. This often gives the movie a slightly different visual flavour, though the technique is rarely used.

Assistant directors or another high ranking crew member will typically be in charge of simple pick up shots or establishing sequences with no dialogue or important action, but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.

Those types of shots are fairly straightforward, and rarely involve anything noteworthy.

Occasionally though, directors do hand over an important piece of the film to someone else. The fact it happens so rarely makes it all the more interesting, especially with many directors explaining the reasons behind their decisions as part of press tours, junkets and panels.

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