9 Movie Sequels That Just Got Cancelled

Hasta la vista, Arnie.

Warner Bros.

Whenever Hollywood produces a movie that is even remotely successful, talks of a sequel will always materialise. Like sharks drawn to a drop of blood, when studio executives catch a faint sniff of cash, they'll circle in and tear apart the film in question, searching for any possible foundations on which they can build a franchise.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, because studios do need to make money, after all, but even with the best intentions, these sequel ideas don't always work out.

Financial concerns, creative conflicts and lack of audience interest can kill potential follow-ups before they even come close to going before cameras, even if the films that came before them were wildly popular, and even if there's a cliffhanger ending that needs to be addressed.

This happens frustratingly often, and just in the past several months alone, a whole bunch of sequels have been stopped dead in their tracks, from third and fourth entries in major franchises, to proposed follow-ups that are unlikely to happen because the setup film failed at the box-office.

Welcome to sequel graveyard - population: these poor souls...


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