9 Movies That Show How Christmas Can Be The Most Disastrous Time Of The Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Travis Earl


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For those of us who celebrate Christmas, Christmas morning was the most magical part of our childhood. You’d get to piss your family off by waking them up at an ungodly hour so you cold greedily tear your presents open and either triumphantly wave your heart’s desire in front of your siblings’ faces as proof of which kid your parents loved best, or, sulk in the corner and weep salty tears because your parents got you socks instead of Optimus Prime.

Yes, the holidays were a magic time before you grew up and realized that things cost money and each holiday season comes with its own unique set of headaches and tribulations. As we gather to celebrate the birthday of a man who the Roman’s brutally executed for preaching tolerance and love for all humanity, we sometimes become an unruly mob, jockeying to get our hands on whatever our corporate overlords have designated is the hottest item of the year.

Despite the abundance of goodwill, Christmas can quickly turn into a disaster as people fail to get the items on their families’ wish lists, the weather and hullabaloo turn travel into a nightmare, and the pressure drives everyone a wee bit crazy. Christmas movies usually focus on the positive aspects of the season, like all that goodwill and peace jazz, but a few of them dare to show us the darker, screwed up side of the holiday. For your consideration, here’s a list of 9 films willing to show us how quickly things can go south during the most wonderful time of the year. (SPOILERS).