The strength of the horror movie to a large extent depends on the quality of its villain. Freddie Kruger – scary. Michael Myers – frightening. Leatherface – bloody terrifying.

The films below all lost the ability to scare people through having ‘villains’ that were seriously sub par. And to top it off, they were just plain old bad movies – shoddy acting, poor direction, laughable dialogue, corny special effects. These factors, combined with stupid villains, produced works of considerable ignominy. Despite this, some of these films have considerable cult classics, but they do have lame villains. Really, really pathetic ones.


9. Gingerdead Man (2005)

The Gingerdead Man

First of all, it rips off the plot of Child’s Play – a evil murderer’s spirit gets locked into a gingerbread man and comes alive (comparable with a killer’s murderous spirit getting into the doll and animating Chucky as a vessel for his crimes). Secondly, you can laugh for all of ten seconds at Gary Busey as a gingerbread man. The film is so lame in every way, it is dreadfully unfunny – not even laughably bad – just plain awful. There is no discernible plot in the film and all the action is filmed in a bakery. The characters in the film could have simply run out of the front door of the bakery to escape our villain, but oh no, this never enters their mind.

It lasts for 60 dreadful minutes which tick by in slow torment, and it has spawned two sequels. How the heck there is a credible base of fans to appreciate these cinematic turds is beyond me. The gingerbread man is a lame horror movie villain. I would just pick up the little git, dunk him in my tea and eat him.

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This article was first posted on November 28, 2013