9 Reasons Why Harry Potter Wipes The Floor With The Lord Of The Rings

9. It Has A Superior Main Character

foto-foto-film-harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-2-12 If there's one factor that determines or goes some way in establishing the success of a story, is the authenticity and geniality of the main character. In my opinion this particular contest regarding the two main characters in the respective series, is far from being a close one. Certainly there is no doubting that both Frodo and Harry have flaws in their personalities, however I feel that Harry is much the more admirable and selfless of the pair. Both Frodo and Harry are entrusted with a seismic mission to complete, but there is a key difference I have noticed in the manner to which they go about it, that I think demonstrates the difference between the characters and the key difference goes like this: Frodo must complete his mission that he has been assigned, yet it appears as though he doesn't want to do it. Harry, as well as having to do it, actually wants and desires to complete his mission and to end evil in the wizarding world. Whilst on his journey to Mordor, Frodo makes many references to wanting to go home and it seems as though he only has his own interests and at a stretch, the interests of the Shire at heart. Conversely, Harry deeply cares about other people and he wants rid of Voldemort not for his own benefit per se, but primarily for his friends and allies. This is most poignantly shown through Harry's willingness to give up his own life, for the greater good of the Wizarding World. So despite the fact that both characters are incurably moody, I feel that Frodo is a much weaker and morally questionable character than Harry and he becomes easily thwarted by the powers of the ring, whereas Harry's hunt for horcruxes will not be stopped at anything.

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