9 Sleaziest Italian Exploitation Movies

8. Cat in the Brain (1990)

a-cat-in-the-brain-cover-3 More sleaze from Lucio Fulci, this time incorporating a self reflexive story line in which Fulci plays himself - a horror director who begins to get seriously disturbed by the violent images he creates. He takes himself off to a psychiatrist who reckons hypnotherapy is the cure for Lucio but it turns out the shrink is a perverted woman killer who is hypnotising Lucio for his own depraved ends. This is definitely my second favourite Fulci film (after Don't Torture a Duckling). He uses old footage from his previous films to great effect. I love it when he is directing the Nazi orgy footage and he appears to be getting off on the material - "Lick it! Lick it! Yes that's right! Lick it some more!" (or words along those lines). I say kudos to the man for having the balls to portray himself in the movie and to explore the themes within his films. There is a LOT of violence in this film, more than what the average horror film fan would be used to but that's Italian splatter movies for you! They go the whole nine yards. The psychiatrist is a cheesy killer but there are moments of wonderful sleaze in the film and who could resist the ending? Fulci literally sailing into the sunset clinking champagne glasses with a model. He has the last laugh!
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