9 Smart Movies That Tricked Us Into Rooting For The Bad Guys

9. It Humanises Our Biggest Fear - The Suicide Bombers In Four Lions

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In one moment Chris Morris turned the rubber dinghy rapids from one of Alton Tower€™s overlooked attractions into a must ride for any film buff. Always raring to rip society to shreds in the most un-PC way, his first (and sadly so far only) feature film told the story of a group of Yorkshire terrorists wanting to suicide bomb the London marathon. Grown Ups 2 this is not.

Like the bombers then based in Sheffield, I had the rather odd experience of seeing the cinema I was watching the film in appear on screen, but I was already enjoying the gang's presence long before that. Seeing terrorists humanised rarely happens in the media - that could be too scare mongering even for publications that thrive off it - so getting to see them as ordinary people, with ordinary interests (once again, rubber dinghy rapids) suddenly puts a sense of perspective on the whole issue. These are disillusioned men. By societal values they are bad, but it€™'s not like they'€™re unlikable or unsympathetic.

Throughout Four Lions it'€™s made clear it€™'s much higher up the chain where the real hatred of western civilisation (and brains) are. The crew we get are the stereotypical bad guys, but they'€™re normal enough as people to get a pass from audiences.


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