9 Things To Expect From Lord And Miller's Star Wars Han Solo Movie

The Jump Street team are heading to a galaxy far, far away.


As Disney gears up to make a mega-franchise out of its recently-acquired Star Wars property, the sequels, spin-offs and origin stories are coming thick and fast. On top of the main franchise entries, there will also be Anthology films Rogue One - released next year - a Boba Fett origins story and, in between those two, a Han Solo spin-off. 

Try to compose yourself.

Either much-dreaded or much-anticipated, depending on which camp of fans you're talking to, the Solo film is set to drop in 2018, and while the main question - who will play Han? - has yet to be answered, fans at least now know who the director(s) will be: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, already considered a safe pair of hands when it comes to franchise fare.

Having turned ridiculous concepts (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Lego Movie) and projects virtually nobody cared about (the Jump Street films) into critically acclaimed money-spinners beloved by audiences, of course these two are a good choice for a Star Wars spin-off that risks alienating fans.

At present, no details regarding the Han Solo movie plot have been unveiled, and as it's a couple of years until shooting, probably the directors don't even know where the film's heading yet. Still, judging by their careers to date, there are still some things you can probably expect...


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