9 Ways To Break Out Of A Time Loop (According To The Movies)

Trapped in a loop? Then let these movies show you the way out. Trapped in a loop? Then let these movies... sorry.

Time loops are inherently ridiculous. Time travel alone in the movies is problematic €“ see Back to the Future's accidental incest or the Star Trek reboot's Vulcan genocide €“ but when that time travelling becomes confoundingly infinite, you're very much stepping into an unknown realm where the plotholes are as abundant as the moments of deja vu. You see, time loops are an unknowable force €“ they're purely theoretical. No one, not scientists nor Bruce Willis, can accurately say if time loops are possible or what life within a time loop would even entail were one to occur. Naturally, cinema jumped at the opportunity to exploit this dearth of knowledge by just doing whatever it felt like, declaring it open season on time loop logic and making the time loop movie into its own baffling sci-fi/fantasy sub-genre. Often, time loops in movies and TV shows are involuntary, and may even be inexplicable €“ time loops can come about just because life is being an absolute mother to one poor soul, sometimes for no apparent reason. But even when there's 'hard science' involved, in the form of time machines or teenage wormholes, time loops can be extremely difficult to break out of. And yet, it can be done €“ here are ten ways TV and the movies taught us how.

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