9 Wrestlers Who Took On Movie Roles You Won't Believe

7. Sting As Nick - The Encounter (2010)

Sting The Encounter
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For anyone familiar with Sting's personal story, the revelation that his career has seen him spreading the Word Of God as much as taking bumps shouldn't be too much of a surprise. The Born Again Christian turned to religion in 1998 to turn his life away from a cycle of drug abuse and dangerous behaviour (in his own terms) and had been a motivational speaker, heavily involved in his church for years before returning to wrestling with TNA.

Without that context, you'd expect Sting to have starred in the kind of roles that wrestlers seem to naturally gravitate towards - hired muscle, strong silent guns, one-dimensional heroes... Basically the sort of stuff WWE Studios puts out every year and the sort of stuff Sting HAS starred in.

So seeing him turn up in an overtly Christian movie (albeit as a sort of anti-hero) where he literally meets Jesus working in a cafe (as a thinly veiled allegory for receiving The Message) comes off as a little bit of a shock. Especially since he still looks like the same bodybuilder brute who appeared in three episodes of Thunder In Paradise.

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