After Les Miserables: 10 Musicals That Need Big Screen Treatment

Les Mis Les Miserables hit it big this past Holiday season, and for good reason. Love or hate the film, Tom Hooper's decision to use live set recordings of the actors (as well as go all out with the visual set pieces and costumes) gave the movie going audience the experience and immersion they couldn't get from the stage show, and for a fraction of the ticket price. So now that one of the most popular and enduring Broadway shows has finally made the leap to the big screen, who should be next at bat? This list of ten very good prospects range from shows still running to shows that were criminally under-run. Laughter, tears, and a heaping dose of well meaning mockery are to follow; and much like most musicals, there's a suitably happy ending in store for all.

10. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Spider man Let's get the barn burner out of the way. Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm suggesting one of the most hotly contested turkeys in Broadway history for a film adaptation. You're probably wondering why? Well, for starters, it'd be an awful lot easier to get the effects and images that Julie Taymor originally conceived in her traditional medium of film. Second, it'd be much easier on the cast and crew, as their lives wouldn't be in as much danger making a Spider-Man movie as opposed to a Spider Man stage play. (Movie magic saves lives, kids.) Most importantly, we can all partake in an interesting failure without spending $100 a pop to do so.

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