After The Hobbit: 10 Reasons Peter Jackson Must Make The Silmarillion

9. He's Already Referenced Gondolin

the hobbit weaving In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Elrond and Gandalf discuss the provenance of the swords recovered the troll caves. They discuss their origin in Gondolin, mentioning the name of this long-lost elf city with some awe. And for good reason. In The Silmarillion, Gondolin was founded by Turgon, a Noldor Lord, as a refuge against Morgoth. The city existed in secret for hundreds of years, until it was revealed through treachery and was destroyed. The mention of Gondolin in The Hobbit was a nice flourish by Tolkien that connected his children€™s story to the broader mythology he had created. Its retention in the movie was a similar move by Jackson. But it also created a precedent for The Silmarillion. Just as the discussion of how Bilbo found the Ring in the Lord of the Rings films whetted fans€™ appetites for The Hobbit, so too should the Gondolin reference key in audiences to the grand history behind the swords the dwarves find in a troll cave.

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