Alexander Courage, the composer of the memorable and iconic original 60′s Star Trek theme which now transcends that series and is a score of popular culture – passed away at his California home on May 15th.


The exotic tune played at the opening credits of all three of the original Star Trek seasons but it’s the memorable opening of an electric tune then building fanfare which would go on to truly define Star Trek for decades to come in both Star Trek: The Next Generation and every big screen Trek movie barring one… would open with a variation on that familiar opening.

Michael Giacchino, the composer of the new Star Trek reboot had this to say…

I feel that Star Trek owes a great deal to the music of Jerry Goldsmith. His work for the movie series is just amazing. However, in my opinion, Alexander Courage is responsible for the musical heart to the world of Star Trek. I feel that if you were to strip away everything, bit by bit, in order of importance, the last thing you would be holding in your hands would be the sheet music for the opening fanfare to the Star Trek Main Theme. To me, that small piece of music is and always shall be Star Trek.

[youtube hdjL8WXjlGI]

You can find an extensive documentary on Courage HERE.

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This article was first posted on May 29, 2008