Alien: Covenant - 10 Big Questions It Needs To Answer

Will we get to see the proper Xenomorph?

Prometheus was a frustrating affair, raising plenty of questions, and not bothering to answer most of them. In some ways, this was actually an inspirational move, leaving fans of the franchise clamouring for clarification from Ridley Scott€™s inevitable sequel. It was golden marketing for a film that wasn't actually as brilliant as its successful performance might suggest. Luckily for those fans, the sequel will arrive in August 2017 under the intriguing name Alien: Covenant.

So what do we knows so far? Well, Michael Fassbender's untrustworthy android David will return, and will presumably cause big trouble for another set of spacefarers. Pineapple Express star Danny McBride and Inherent Vice€™s Katherine Waterstone are among this group of newcomers, promising an interesting blend of the comedic and the dramatic amongst the mayhem.

The story will apparently pick up ten years after Prometheus, as the crew of the spaceship Covenant travel through the galaxy in search of an elusive paradise. They find David instead, and it seems safe to assume that some major danger will soon follow. That€™s all that anybody outside of Fox knows at the moment, but there is enough there to suggest some pretty pertinent questions...

10. What happened To Elizabeth Shaw?

At the end of Prometheus, Noomi Rapace€™s Elizabeth Shaw was the last human standing after all the chaos caused by the Engineers and their deadly creations. She reluctantly agreed to help the disembodied head of Michael Fassbender€™s David, and the two were last seen taking off in a commandeered spaceship together. Despite this blatant sequel tease, Ridley Scott has opted not to include Rapace in the follow up. This deliberate omission is a shame for fans of the self-surgery expert and all-round bad-ass, and leaves the massive question hanging of €˜what exactly happened to Elizabeth Shaw?€™ If this character is dead (which seems like the obvious answer), audience members will no doubt like that to be spelled out in Covenant. We don't want another Newt situation. And the identity of her killer shouldn't be left as a mystery, either. If it's David that murdered her, or the Engineers, that has to be clear. After all, if Prometheus taught film fans one thing, it's that leaving too many questions ambiguously open-ended can be really frustrating for cinema-goers.

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