Alien: Covenant - 10 Theories That Were Utter Bull

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There have been few movies this year as talked about and feverishly dissected as the highly-anticipated Alien: Covenant, with the rumours and fan theories only becoming more elaborate and fascinating as its release drew ever closer.

While it's fair to say that these ten theories ranged from utterly bonkers to almost uncomfortably plausible, they all in fact turned out to miss the mark, to some ends disappointing fans and to others giving them a great feeling of relief.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to differentiate the wishful fanboy conjecture from those ideas that actually would've worked, but before release, anything seemed possible.

There's no rest for fans, though, because the fan speculation has already begun for the next entry into the franchise, Alien: Awakening...

10. Shaw Is The Proto-Xenomorph

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The Theory: The movie's original black xenomorph, aka the protomorph, is in fact a mutation of Elizabeth Shaw, who is experimented upon by David and eventually transformed into the alien creature with the help of the mysterious black goo.

The Truth: Shaw is actually killed by David at some point after their arrival on the Engineer planet, likely as a result of his experiments to create the "perfect organism", but no, she is absolutely not turned into the protomorph.

The protomorph at the end of the movie is in fact spawned from Captain Oram, when David tricks him into interacting with an alien egg and subsequently gets impregnated by a facehugger.


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