All 6 Shorts From Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Ranked

Your childhood nightmares have come back...


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark horrified children, and now that the book is nearly forty years old, it’s time for the film adaptation to terrify a new generation. Don’t let the PG-13 rating scare you away (no pun intended), just because the film’s void of the slashing and guts typically correlated with horror, doesn’t mean it’s not scary as hell.

The movie includes six stories from the original trilogy of shorts, or, at least is inspired by them. Many are calling the film an anthology, though they’re much more connected than that term is typically used for. It’s more so “turns” for the characters; think Final Destination. Regardless of the terminology, the six stories are in their own way gross, upsetting, schlocky, and intense.

Let’s dive into the stories the film presents us with and rank them by, well obviously, scariness. Some may have worked better, some may have been more interesting, and some may have been more important to the story. That’s all fine and dandy but in this list all we’re looking at is which one made us cover our eyes quicker, squeeze our armrests tighter, and made sure there was a light on before we went to bed that night.

Fair warning; we’re going to be dissecting these stories pretty aggressively, so a major spoiler warning is now announced. Go and get scarred in the theatre first before you wimp out and let me ruin all the fun; and just to be sure, I’d go ahead and make sure a light is on as you read this as well.


If you talk in a theatre I'm in, be prepared to get some pretty passive aggressive stares.