Alternative Oscars 2019: The Nominees & Winners For Every Category

Who the REAL winners should have been.

Hereditary Toni Collette

The Academy Awards are less than a week away, and both the nominations and the winners themselves stir up controversy every year without fail, as film fans debate what was truly worthy and what had no business even being nominated.

There's a pretty clear consensus that this is an incredibly soft year for the Oscars, and with that in mind, we've decided to course-correct the Academy Awards once again with our annual Alternative Oscars ceremony.

Stripping away the pompous pretension that so often defines the Oscars, this is a simple attempt to recognise the best achievements in film from 2018 completely free of biases, genre-based or otherwise.

Throughout our picks for all the main categories - excluding short films, for obvious reasons - you'll find a greater diversity between genres, with a stronger emphasis on art-house fare that was peculiarly snubbed by the Academy, not to mention hit foreign films and documentaries which bafflingly missed the cut.

In addition, we've remedied a few outrageous snubs on the Academy's part, and taken a more holistic look at the year in film, rather than the Academy's tendency to turn things into a campaign-fuelled popularity contest. Bitter much? You bet...

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