The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spoilers: 11 Ways It Sets Up Future Spidey Movies

11. There Won't Be An X-Men Cross-Over (Yet)

Despite the initial suspicion that the film didn't come with a post-credits sequence (based on the fact that press screenings and the premieres that screened for the public didn't come with one), the official release came with a fan-baiting kicker: a tease for X-Men: Days Of Future Past featuring Mystique breaking into a military base in the '70s. Naturally, that got everyone's Spider Senses tingling at the prospect of Spider-Man and the X-Men teaming up as they have in the comics world, despite the obvious impediment that the time zones don't mesh well (since Peter Parker wasn't even born when Mystique was strutting her stuff) and the fact that the rights situation is still a way away from resolution. But this tease was no more than a contractual fulfilment - Marc Webb owed Fox another film after (500) Days Of Summer, and in uncharacteristic harmony, the two studios worked out a deal to add the teaser in place of the film Webb owed to Fox. And unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll see an alternate time-line movie where Parker meets the older, original X-Men, since they aren't likely to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse (presumably having been wiped out entirely by the fixes to the timeline that Wolverine helps facilitate).
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