Annabelle: Creation Review: 6 Ups & 4 Downs

An unexpected improvement.

Annabelle Creation
Warner Bros.

The latest entry into the fast-expanding Conjuring Universe is out now in cinemas, and critics have largely been calling Annabelle: Creation a surprisingly sturdy, well-crafted horror flick. Who could've seen that coming?

After all, expectations were certainly through the floor after the 2014 original was widely panned by most reviewers for being a dull, mostly scare-free squandering of a decent premise. With the film nevertheless making an insane $256.9 million worldwide, why would Warner Bros. bother putting any more effort into the inevitable follow-up?

Creation certainly isn't a perfect film, but it is yet more solid proof of Hollywood's impressive horror movie resurgence of the last few years, where quality entries into the genre have been in surprising abundance.

Above all else, it's further confirmation that James Wan's cinematic universe isn't just a cynical attempt to milk the cash cow, but actually an entertaining enterprise in its own right...


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