Ok, so you guys weren’t all that keen on Natalie Portman topping Fox’s wishlist for Ridley Scott’s constantly developing ‘Alien‘ prequel. I understand the reaction. Despite Portman’s obvious talents, she’s only shown how good she can be in a certain type of role and isn’t as versatile as maybe the offers that come her way would suggest.

And her high-profile, blockbuster turns (I’m thinking ‘V For Vendetta’ and those ‘Star Wars’ movies) weren’t anything to suggest she could do something extraordinary here. Having said that, I have it on good authority that her performance in ‘Black Swan’ is going to change a lot of people’s mind about her. She’s grown this year and we are going to reap the rewards with her next few roles, I’m certain.

But if Portman still doesn’t float your boat, how’s about this?

Anne Hathaway has let her interest be known according to Bloody Disgusting, and interestingly so has James Franco, who seems to attract franchises having stared in three ‘Spider-Man’ films, and as we know already – will resurrect a ‘Rise of the Apes’ for Fox next year. Whether Franco is interested in leading the film, requiring Fox to change the lead from a woman to a male, or is circling a supporting role is unknown.

So Hathaway and Franco join the ‘interested’ or ‘had talks’ list that has;

1) Natalie Portman - hers if she wants it

2) Noomi Rapace – who Fox and Ridley Scott both like but are unsure of her box office potential

3) Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan – Fox and Scott like these less than Rapace and again there’s the box office potential problem

4) Gemma Arterton – who probably ruined her chances by coming public on her audition

Then Showbiz Spy throw Keira Knightley’s name in the ring, proclaiming that she is in ‘talks’ for the picture. At this point, chuck a name in and they’ll be interested. I bet there’s basically no actress out there who desperately wants this gig.

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This article was first posted on October 19, 2010