Another look at ME AND ORSON WELLES

First glance at Claire Danes, the love interest of Richard Linklater’s movie.

Matt Holmes


Yes, I’m insane to actually be this excited for a Zac Efron picture but when it’s directed by Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise/Sunset, Dazed & Confused) and it has Orson Welles not only in the title but a driving force of the film then that’s ok.

You can forgive me, I’m sure. A few weeks back we showcased the first set of images from the film and now EW today have given us our first look at the movie’s love interest Claire Danes.


She plays a production assistant on Welles’ Mercury Theatre production of Julius Caesar who is flattered by the interest of the up and coming and nervous young actor played by Efron.

The movie is playing next week at the Toronto International Film Festival where it’s theatrical fate will be much decided on it’s buzz from the screenings.