Ant Man Pegg

Now that Michael Douglas has been confirmed to be playing old man Hank Pym in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man opposite Paul Rudd, the suggestion is that another actor will follow him in as a younger version of the character. It stands to reason that Wright would follow the trend of establishing at least some of Pym’s origin story, after all. But who could play the character?

One of the most complex characters in the Marvel world, Hank Pym is a character that has so many different layers and elements to him. On his best days, Pym is arguably the smartest mind in a Marvel world full of extremely intelligent characters like Reed Richards and Tony Stark, and on his worst, he is a violent, unstable, suicidal mess who struggles with his own genius and the self-imposed pressure.

That of course leads to the question of just how deep are Marvel and Disney looking to dig into the psyche of their Hank Pym, and how much of that will be shown in the younger version of the character?

Given that there’s a strong suggestion that there will be some sort of origin (even briefly) requiring the portrayal of a younger Pym, it’s likely the next announcement (or at least one of the next) will be just that. Depending on how Marvel Studios is looking to portray the Hank Pym character, we have several possibilities on who could be in the running to play the younger version of Michael Douglas’ Henry Pym.

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This article was first posted on January 16, 2014