Ant-Man Trailer Introduces Thomas The Tank Engine To The Marvel Universe

Black sheep of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this ain't.

I think Ant-Man's going to be big. Yeah. Anyway, here's the first full trailer for Marvel's second 2015 picture. It's funnier than my ant puns could ever hope to be. Looks like Scott Lang has his work cut out for him. This mission certainly doesn't look like a picnic My favourite bit there was the cut-back to the longshot of the train set, just going about its business. It's basically nothing more sophisticated than "Ha ha, they're so small" but when it's cut together like this, the effect is actually visceral. A great juxtaposition that's so true to the spirit of Ant-Man, I'm sure it goes back a few drafts of the script. I think you know what I mean by that, right? Wright. It's weird to think we'll go over nine months between the release of Ant-Man and the next Marvel movie. That's certainly not going to be the way it happens over the next few years, where Kevin Feige has stacked up a splendid array of films like some gold-plated air traffic controller. "Phase" purists are already treating Ant-Man like some kind of black sheep, falling as it does in the gap between Ultron and Phase 3. Eh. I can't see how that's going to matter. But then again, I'm an old man and I can remember when films were made in big, tangled strings the way they all seem to be now. Ant-Man is scheduled to reach UK and US cinemas on July 17th.
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