Aquaman: 10 Best Moments

He somehow pulled off that ridiculous suit.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Aquaman is out now, and while it may not be a great movie, it is at least a fun time in the "switch your brain off and soak in the visuals" sense.

It is far from the disaster many expected, steering far away from the DCEU's general sombreness and embracing the superhero's inherent silliness. It was the only way to go, really.

It goes without saying that most of Aquaman's strongest delights are visual ones, so while not a single one of these best moments is plot or dialogue-based, director James Wan has undeniably done a bang-up job crafting memorable, stylistically impressive set-pieces (bar some less-than-stellar CGI).

From an entertaining opening fight which ultimately sets the stage for the inevitable Aquaman sequel, to a gorgeous lore-building flashback and surely the most insane finale to any superhero movie in 2018, Aquaman is a dead-average film peppered with some vibrant hints at greatness.

With the movie's clear box office success - having almost recouped its budget in China alone - hopefully Warner Bros. might sign off on a more ambitious script for Aquaman 2, so that its highlights might prove a little more varied...

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