Aquaman: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Could Aquaman join Wonder Woman as the next good DCEU film?

Warner Bros.

For years, Aquaman has been an object of ridicule. Ever since the ridiculously cheesy Superfriends representation of the character (the one where he legitimately talked to fish and got caught in a net on multiple occasions), the character has been seen as a joke. With James Wan's latest Aquaman film, however, he - together with Jason Mamoa - are set to legitimise the character once again.

And with what they've shown off so far, there's little reason to doubt that Aquaman will redefine its titular character. Utilizing the interesting concepts and ideas brought on with Arthur Curry's recent comic iterations (combined with some influence from Indiana Jones and other classic adventure films), Aquaman looks like an action-adventure movie that's unlike anything audiences have seen before.

While some skepticism should be had for any major release, what's been shown off for Aquaman so far promises a comic-accurate, unique movie with the entertainment value of a summer movie and a quality level that few other 2018 blockbusters will meet.

Because it seems like such a well-rounded overall project, there are plenty of reasons why you should board this hype train all the way to that December release date.


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