Aquaman: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

10. Action Unlike Any Other Comic Book Movie

Warner Bros.

While many great action movies of the last decade kept things interesting and intense on land, Aquaman will offer action junkies something they've never seen: action both in and out of the sea.

James Wan and company are taking advantage of Arthur Curry's duality, and are embracing the potential greatness offered by land and underwater sections. From great underwater battles that include Atlanteans riding sharks and seahorses to rooftop chases involving Black Manta and his Juggernaut-like henchman crashing through walls and bell-towers, Aquaman's action has already proven to be incredibly varied.

The recently-released extended look at the film showcases what fans can expect and the mix of practical effects and CGI looks expertly balanced and appropriate. The underwater sections look unlike anything offered up in the genre before and the land sections look refreshingly practical and entertaining.

Overall, accompanied by striking locations and some impressive camerawork, Aquaman will offer audiences action beyond what they've come to expect from the comic book movie genre. After all, if there's anything to get your blood pumping, it'll be an underwater war between Atlanteans riding sharks across the battlefield.


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