Aquaman Final Trailer Reactions: 5 Ups & 5 Downs

Prepare for cheese.

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. just dropped the final trailer for Aquaman, with just a few short weeks to go until the DCEU blockbuster begins its international rollout.

As the movie enters the final stage of its marketing push - in one of the most intensely-contested Christmas box office battlegrounds ever, no less - it's fair to say that WB is pulling out all the big guns, and doing every single thing they can to get butts in seats come mid-December.

It's a strategy that's had mixed results for the studio in the past, of course. Batman v Superman delivered underwhelming returns following needlessly spoilerific trailers (and bad reviews, of course), but perhaps the decidedly more niche Aquaman needs to play things a little more aggressively.

Either way, this final glimpse of the legendary Atlantean's origin story looks set to serve up the DCEU's most left-field offering yet, a vibrant and deeply silly movie that knows what it is and, under James Wan's direction, will hopefully deliver the goods.

Naturally there are still some justifiable worries that this trailer doesn't really defend against, though with the movie due to premiere in London on November 26, the final word's going to be out on the street pretty damn soon. But until then, fans have this final trailer to salivate and speculate over...

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