AUSTIN POWERS Will Return... Yeah Baby, Yeah!

Mike Myers, the man behind the teeth, is 'signed, sealed and delivered' for a fourth outing of the world grooviest spy.

It has been 9 years since the love god of the 1960's made his last appearance on our screens and it seems despite all this time, and the world moving on from the character, a four-quel may actually happen. HitFix has reported that Mike Myers, the man behind the teeth, is 'signed, sealed and delivered' for a fourth outing of the world grooviest spy. At the moment no specifics have surfaced as to who will direct (Jay Roach helmed all previous movies in the series, he of Meet The Parents & Dinner For Schmucks fame... and we hope he will return), what the plot will be (talk two years ago said it might be a Dr Evil centric story) or whether any of the supporting cast will return. As we don't know the specifics I suppose the only thing we can do is ask "why?". A fourth outing has been floating around the rumour mill ever since Myers released his truly awful 'The Love Guru' back in 2008 that appeared to re-tool much of the humour, but just constantly missed the right note. The Powers series though is seen as a safe ground for Myers, having enough of a fan base to assure good returns if it were to hit screens. It seems that now the Shrek years are over Myers maybe clutching at straws, although his turn in Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' was possibly the best use of him on screen for a very long time... and he was only in it for about 2 minutes. Myers was in 2008 apparently in the process of writing a script which is said to be "very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life". This could hint at the return of Seth Green who, if you can remember, turned eeeeeeviiiiilll at the very end of the last film, or the return of Michael Caine, the saving grace of the last film and father to Powers... but maybe he threw that script out a while ago and has started again? Now I have mixed feeling about this and I am sure that a lot of you do too. On the one hand I would very much like to see another film, being a fan of the films as genuinely funny James Bond parodies, but it has been done three times already and we do wonder just what he would be parodying here. As we have said above... we have moved on to the more realistic Daniel Craig movies now and franchises like the Bourne saga. If Myers finds some way to rejuvenate the series then all the luck in the world to him, but if not then we will not be very P.S. - Hitfix don't mention it put the Austin Powers films were made at New Line. They are now owned by Warner Bros... so presumably Myers' deal comes with them?
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