Avengers 4: 10 Things Fans Demand

10. Captain Marvel Destroys Thanos

Captain Marvel versus Thanos
Marvel Comics

Ever since the Russos came out and said that Captain Marvel is on a completely different power level to anything we've seen in the MCU, fans have been eager to see how her introduction factors into Avengers 4.

With the character's 2019 film working as a prequel of sorts to the next Avengers, releasing but a month and a half before it, it's obvious the two are interlinked. And while that's still a long time to wait before seeing just how powerful Brie Larson's hero truly is, fans are expecting a fight of major proportions should she tassel with Thanos.

It's a match-up that's frequented the comics before (hint: it didn't end particularly well for the Mad Titan), and though there'll be other Avengers lining up to take a shot at the universe's most unsympathetic tyrant (he's a genocidal war criminal, don't forget), fans are particularly keen to see Carol Danvers push her way to the front of the queue.

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