Avengers 4: 11 Things It Must Avoid

Thanos must die.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos
Marvel Studios

Avengers 4 may still be more than 9 months away from release, but Infinity War's jaw-dropper of a cliffhanger ending has left fans intensely speculating about the ambitious sequel from the moment the end credits rolled.

Though Infinity War's impressive success provides hope that the Russo brothers will strike gold yet again with Avengers 4, they certainly have an uphill battle ahead of them regardless.

As the ultimate climax of a decade-plus of MCU movies, Avengers 4 needs to steer clear of countless issues it could easily fall victim to. Given the sheer scope of the project, the increasing complexity and high number of moving parts involved, it wouldn't be surprising if Avengers 4 was harangued by at least a few of these problems.

However, hopefully the Russos will continue to make smart decisions and appreciate that giant superhero movies don't need to talk down to their audience or aim for the lowest-common denominator.

Avengers 4 has huge potential to massively divide audiences regardless of how it turns out - think The Last Jedi's reception amplified by a factor of 10 - but if it can skirt around these obvious potential mistakes, it's already got half the battle won...

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