Avengers 4: 11 Things That MUST Happen

Give fans the money shot they deserve.

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There's sure to be no movie as passionately discussed and speculated about this year as next summer's Avengers 4, which still remains without a concrete title.

While its spoilerific final title will presumably be announced within the next few months, the wider details of A4's plot are likely to remain firmly under wraps until the movie's release, with Marvel Studios' marketing department facing a hefty challenge over the coming year.

Regardless of how it all turns out, though, these are the 11 moments that make the most dramatic sense for the story, giving beloved characters apt send-offs and pointing towards the future of the MCU while not undermining the brutal heft of Infinity War.

Naturally, the Russo brothers will serve up a ton of surprises to catch us all off-guard, but fingers are firmly crossed that the spine of the story incorporates these plot elements and pays them off sufficiently.

The stakes have never been higher nor the fan anticipation more fervent, and if the Russos pull it off, we're going to have a superhero classic for the ages on our hands...

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