Avengers 4: Huge Title And Plot Rumours Emerge Out Of CineEurope

Avengers: F*cking H*ll...?

Avengers 4
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Hands up who wouldn't want to hear the real Avengers 4 title immediately if there was an option to? Hands up who wouldn't voraciously consume every spoiler they could find simply to feed the itch left after the stunning end to Infinity War...?

The hype train for Avengers 4 is now travelling at such a pace that there's a very real chance that Infinity War's more than $2bn box office haul is already in trouble of being toppled. It will be the cinematic event of 2019, no matter what else ends up being released and it will absolutely be the biggest single release of Marvel's sprawling MCU. It can't come soon enough.

Naturally, without concrete information, there's a lot of rumours and speculation out there, but with the film enjoying some presence at CineEurope, some actual info might make it to the net thanks to footage and panel descriptions. That potentially gives credence to a couple of major leaks that have supposedly come out of the event. Naturally, take both with a pinch of salt, but they're interesting all the same - particularly as they could reveal hints of the story and the title.

First up, a big hint on the plot and how the heroes will undo Thanos' snap. Click next to read the potential spoilers...

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