Avengers 4: Is This Captain Marvel's Secret Weapon?

Brie Larson will take on Thanos next May, but could she come heavily armed?

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Avengers 4 rumours have experienced something of a resurgence over the last few weeks, with Mark Ruffalo having trolled fans with a fake 'reveal' of the film's title on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon the very same week it was claimed that the film would be called Avengers: Annihilation. Now, another rumour has made its way online - this time from Marvel News India.

Concept art for Avengers 4 has emerged left, right and centre in the wake of Infinity War's release, detailing new looks for Captain America, Hulk and potentially even Hawkeye, but one thing that's been kept relatively under wraps is Captain Marvel's role in the story. Fans have long speculated that she will be the character most likely to best Thanos as the Avengers seek to reverse the snap - having already been hailed as the most powerful character in the MCU by its principle architect, Kevin Feige - but the prospect of Carol Danvers wielding a new weapon has now been fielded too.

Coming by way of the aforementioned Marvel News India, the latest piece of concept art for Avengers 4 (ostensibly) is a mystical-looking axe. Numerous Marvel characters have wielded that kind of weapon before, including Doctor Strange and of course Thor, but the former is dead, and the latter now has Stormbreaker. This leaves us with Captain Marvel, who - as ScreenRant note - wielded an Asgardian axe during 2011's Fear Itself arc.

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The storyline, which saw the God of Fear Cul invade Earth, featured Tony Stark being given access to an Asgardian forge. There, he outfits his comrades with all manners of cosmic armour and weaponry, and Carol is fortunate enough to get a new look and an axe to boot.

This isn't the first time it's been rumoured that the Avengers would be getting an Asgardian uplift either. Indeed, fans had suspected a while back that, with Tony stuck in space, he'd need access to some tools in order to return home. Considering the damage Stormbreaker did to Thanos as well, it makes perfect sense for Tony, Steve and the rest to bring Asgardian weaponry of their own, and to give it to their most powerful teammate, who's set to make her full debut next March.

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