Avengers 4: Red Skull Is Free (And Could Be Coming Back For An Infinity Stone)

Could Thanos have a new rival?

Avengers Infinity War Red Skull
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When Avengers 4 comes around, we know that there are lots of characters who definitely WILL be returning. Those that survived the snap, of course, but also some who were taken as victims of Thanos' rebalancing of the universe. But of all of the possibilities, it seems an unlikely candidate might be one of the most likely to reappear.

Thanks to Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo we now know that there's a possibility that Red Skull - who was last seen cursed as the Guardian of the Soul Stone on Vormir - might actually return in Avengers 4 or somewhere else.

He seemed to disappeared when Thanos got his hands on the Soul Stone and fans were left wondering what might be next for the former Captain America villain. And it seems there's an answer now thanks to the The Avengers' official Twitter account, on which the Russo brothers were asked several questions by fans including what happens with Red Skull now that the Soul Stone isn't on Vormir to be guarded:

So that would mean that Red Skull wasn't snapped out of existence and that his curse has worn off now that Thanos is the Stones' wielder.

Could this all mean that Red Skull will continue to thirst for an Infinity Stone (or them all) and will end up going after Thanos himself in Avengers 4? We've already heard rumours that the "whole universe" will be out to get him, so that could mean that we'll see unlikely allies for the surviving Avengers in their attempt to defeat the Mad Titan.

It's a little strange that the Russos would mention him wanting to get his hands on Infinity Stones when his arc seems to suggest he'd learn that such a quest was foolish (and led to him being cursed), but he's unstable and it's not like supervillains are all that self-aware traditionally. So there's scope for him to go after them again.

Or maybe the Russos are just teasing that he might reappear in another MCU movie in future? Captain America 4 anyone?

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