Avengers: 9 Major Things Marvel Just Revealed In Vanity Fair

An ending and new "different" beginnings.

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With all of Marvel's 2017 out of the way (and all both successful and great), it's getting to the point where the hype for Avengers: Infinity War - possibly the biggest film of the whole of 2018 - is so heavy that it's getting hard to take. The first trailer hasn't even dropped - though it shouldn't be too long - but the prospect of seeing all of the MCU's greatest heroes uniting to face Thanos and his Black Order is just glorious.

Before then, there's the small matter of Black Panther and the remaining Infinity Stone, but Vanity Fair are already looking ahead to the Russos' huge, unprecedented epic with a cover feature on the MCU and a photoshoot bringing all of the major players together once more. Possibly for the last time, in fact.

While that's a sobering though, the feature maps out exactly how the MCU has come to be so successful (spoiler: it's all down to Kevin Feige), and, excitingly, some revelations on what we can expect in the future after the dust settles on the Infinity Saga.

So what did we learn about the upcoming Avengers movies, beyond them and about the MCU in general? It all makes for interesting reading...

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