Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 32 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References

Everything you need to see in Whedon's breathless blockbuster.


What a ride. Considering the responsibility Joss Whedon had to tie up the Phase 2 and launch into arguably the busiest and most complex phase of the MCU, the fact that he managed even a slight success with Age Of Ultron is no small achievement. 

That he made a film as entertaining as his first Avengers movie, with a greater villain, more narrative depth and even more action is downright stunning. Yes, it has its flaws, and it doesn't quite scale the heights of Guardians Of The Galaxy or The Winter Soldier, but it is a breathless, brilliant blockbuster, and a fine full-stop to this chapter of the MCU.

Inevitably, fans will turn their attention to picking back over the film in great detail as soon as they've seen it, remembering comic book references, Easter Eggs and in-jokes to share with fellow fans.

And while Whedon may have claimed that there aren't a ton of Easter Eggs in the film, such is the lore of comic book movies and the relationship with the source that Age Of Ultron is still fairly stacked. And there are some great nods and winks to fans along the way...

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