Avengers: Endgame - 10 Best Gags Ranked From Worst To Best

Between all the heartbreak, there was some hilarious moments too.

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame has come around at long, long last, and made a whole new definition for bittersweet in the process. With so much riding on the second part to Infinity War's devastating finale, Endgame could have very easily leant in to its heartbreaking central story of a half a universe snapped away - but luckily for us, we got a healthy dose of fun to make the dusting feel that much less soul-rending.

The comedic relief of this Marvel movie is arguably the most well-structured and intricately timed yet, letting the bigger moments have their time to shine whilst undercutting the whole event with some much needed laughter. Watching in the cinema only makes that all the more apparent, too, since laughter was part and parcel of the Endgame social experience.

But than that begs the questions: which moments were our favourite? And which will we all still be talking about in the months to come?

Collecting the 10 very best audience-poppers of the 3 hour experience then, these are easily the best of Endgame's winning gags. 11 years of cinematic history pays off at the comedy club, after all...


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