Avengers: Endgame - 12 Plot Hints From The New Trailer

Every possible hint the trailer gives towards the film's plot...

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios decided to break the entire internet again by giving us all another few morsels of the upcoming license-to-print-money that is Avengers: Endgame.

With the film now only a little over a month away, anticipation and buzz surrounding the film continue to climb to practically unbearable heights, partly due to just how secretive even the marketing for the film has been. Everyone and their mother wants to know how the Avengers are going to get revenge against that big, purple, nutsack-for-a-chin-having bad guy and Marvel is expertly whetting the audience's appetite with their marketing.

Luckily, this new trailer does feature a bit more meat on its bones with just enough glimpses of brand-new footage to give us some incredibly interesting hints as to where the plot may be going. From time travel, to dead families, to gloriously fabulous new suits, here are all of the plot hints hidden within the new Avengers: Endgame trailer.

12. No Thanos

Marvel Studios

One of the most interesting hints in the trailer is actually in what isn't in the trailer; the big purple wonder himself, Thanos.

So far in the marketing, the big baddie has only appeared in one shot (in the first teaser) and even that was only of his hand brushing over some alien wheat, Gladiator-style. This trailer doubles down on this trend, featuring literally zero footage of the Mad Titan.

What makes this all the more interesting is that we have no idea what role Thanos will play in the film. For all the rampant speculation encompassing everything from secret Skrulls to time travel plots, there has been nothing to indicate what Thanos is going to be up to.

Will he be chasing the time-traveling Avengers in an attempt to thwart their mission? Will he have a change of allegiance and actually team up with the team in lieu of a larger threat? Or will he simply do what all other retirees do and move to Florida?

Literally anything is possible here and that's what makes it so tantalizing.


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