Avengers: Endgame - Post-Credits And Stan Lee Cameo EXPLAINED

1. Stan Lee's Cameo Explained

The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk Stan Lee

The Stan Lee ident from Captain Marvel might not've been present for Endgame, but the late, great, legendary Marvel figurehead was still in the film, in what looks to be his final live action cameo recorded before his passing in 2018.

When Captain America and Iron Man head back to S.H.I.E.L.D's 1970s headquarters, the camera lingers just outside and follows a car speeding past. The man at the wheel is none other than Stan 'the man' himself, who - in a reference to the Vietnam-era peace movement - yells into the camera "make love, not war."

A bumpersticker brandishing one of Lee's many trademark catchphrases - 'nuff said - can also be seen, and though it may not seem it right away, this cameo may actually be one of the late creator's most fitting yet.

Sure, the Avengers co-creator signed off many a message with 'Excelsior!', but 'nuff said is just as definitive, just like all his works.

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