Avengers: Infinity War - 10 Early Reactions You Need To See

10. The Villains Look Spectacular

Avengers Infinity War Black Order Children Of Thanos Ebony Maw
Marvel Studios

Given how many cynics have spent time complaining about the MCU's apparent "villain problem", it's inevitable that there'd be more focus than usual on Infinity War's bad of villains - particularly as there's more of them than in any other MCU movie to date.

Happily, some of the early viewers have reported that the villains that they saw (probably not Thanos, or there'd have been specific mention, you'd think) lived up to expectations. So good work, Russos...

Elsewhere there was specific praise for Ebony Maw, who we saw torturing Doctor Strange in the trailer using his powers of persuasion. He's apparently terrifying, which is great news - particularly for a supposedly "secondary" villain.

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