Avengers: Infinity War - 13 Major Plot Reveals From Trailer 2

Deaths, captivity and torture... oh my!

Thanos Tesseract Infinity War
Marvel Studios

After ten years of build, we're now getting to the business end of the marketing campaign for Avengers: Infinity War where the studio has taken the brakes off their spoiler concerns and are trying to find the right balance between teasing and ruining the movie for expectant fans.

On the back of the huge EW feature that offered more insight into Thanos' backstory and what the heroic characters are up to, this week saw the arrival of the second trailer. And boy did it kick on the conversation to another level entirely.

Not only did the teaser reveal the Black Order for the first time (at least in real footage from the final film), but we got more insight into some of the huge set-pieces, more character moments and lots and lots of plot details hidden in amongst the spectacle. If you could keep composed for long enough between screaming white noise at your screen, you'd have noticed that this was a hell of an information dump and there's now an even more specific picture of what we can expect from the film when it is released.

So what did we specifically learn about the plot?

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